Lamu Island Lamu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a centre of Swahili and Islamic culture for over 700 years. Expect great beaches, dazzling coral reefs and excellent service. With no real road and vehicles, the primary mode of transport being donkeys and old dhow boats. This is the undiscovered Kenya at best. Go […]
Lake Victoria Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water Lake in Africa. John Hannington Speke discovered this lake for the Western civilization in 1858. For the indigenous population the lake is their main source of income through fishing. Hippos are residents in the lake as well as many different water bird species. Boat on Lake […]
Lake Nakuru Lake Nakuru is one of many lakes in the Great Rift Valley. Around the lake you will find swamps, rock formations, woodland and grassland. This lake is known for its high concentration of Flamingos but also rhinos are found here.   Game drives Lake Nakuru During your game drive your main focus will […]
Lake Naivasha During your game drive your main focus will be the mean search for the flamingos but also the black and white rhinos which live here in the wild. Lake Naivasha is located directly next to Hell’s Gate national park. It is a fresh water lake at a high-altitude of 1884 meters above sea […]